Doing laundry now, is very easy.

From the comfort of where you’re staying – easily call us, whatsapp us or download our app to get your laundry delivery booked!

Download the application and start booking

We’ve made the app simple and easy for anyone to order. Simply pick your laundry items, pick your location and place the order – we’ll be with you within the hour and provide delivery within 24 hours!

Laundrex Mobile Application - Laundry Delivery Services in Limassol


Download the app


Create an account


Pick the items you’d like cleaned


Pick location & press order!


Instant Pick Ups!


Fresh clothes are delivered back to you folded or hanged within 24 hours!

If you’re operating a business, we can facilitate you too!

Contact us directly to find out more about our corporate options and the discounts we offer on our pricing. You’d be surprised at how life can get much easier using Laundrex Corporate plans. When providing your laundry to Laundrex, it is important to follow the best practices below:

1) Check the care labels of the items and make sure they can be laundered and tumble dried. ‘Dry clean only’ items, or items that are meant to be hand washed or hang dried should not be provided mixed with your laundry. Laundrex will not be liable for items sent in for the wrong service.

2) Please remove all items from your pockets prior to your Laundrex collection. Pens, make-up and other similar items can cause loads of laundry to be damaged. Although we always try to spot these items prior to the cleaning, on some occasions they can be missed. If this occurs, Laundrex will not be liable for any damage caused as a result.

3) Make sure you add / check your care preferences while booking and confirm with us via live chat that we can cater them.

4) Place all your delicate items in a special delicate washing bag and request a gentle wash for best cleaning results and to avoid damage.